The best advertisement is a happy customer. At Frozen Café in San Ramon, CA, we truly believe this. Our customer service reflects how important you are to us. We value our customers’ diverse tastes, and that includes the vegans, we haven’t forgotten you! Check out what our customers have to say about us, our signature waffle cones, and about our vegan options.

“Their corn pipe yogurt - snowflakes yogurt- and Dole Whip are out of this world- Especially on a hot summer day!”

“Family Friendly place! Great quality service! They give you great sized portions for a good price and are always helpful! Love this place!”

“What an awesome find! My daughter got the shaved ice and I got a waffle cone sundae. The waffle cone is in the shape of a fish!!!! You can also get a pizza or turkey sandwich in a fish shaped bread! Can't wait to come back and try that. A MUST STOP.”

“Great service! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They have amazing tea and desserts, the menu has a huge variety, something for everyone!”

“I come here every week for their crepes and bubble tea. The honeydew with boba is TO DIE FOR. Also, they have so many options for vegans! As a vegan, I was pleased to see that I am not limited to two dull flavors, but I had the option to choose from all the treats they have here! My nephew enjoyed a pancake taco and I can say confidently that he enjoyed it (it was all over his face and gone in seconds). Will continue to come back. The staff makes me feel like I'm enjoying some desserts with family! So great, would recommend to everyone!”

“I love this place! I come here probably once a week to get a boba tea and they've always been super sweet and nice to me since the first time I went here. They also have an awesome points system that allows you to get a free item.”

“This is my favorite spot! They have it all and everything is so delicious. If you are craving a yummy ice cream or frozen yogurt, this is the place. They make bubble tea, shave ice, Vietnamese coffee, ice tea, corn pipe yogurt, and much more. What more could I ask for? :) Also, the staff is so pleasant. I highly recommend Frozen Cafe!”

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Looking for a cozy, friendly place to try some exotic treats? That’s us! Come in today for a taste of our bubble teas, corn pipe yogurt and Vietnamese coffee. Check us out today!